Beautiful little Alba is now homed. Here is her story:

Meet Alba, this sweet little girl we believe is a podenco cross greyhound, she’s a lovely girl that gets on with everyone, cats, dogs and humans. She’s a little bundle of fun that enjoys going for walks and playing ball. She is an affectionate dog and loves attention, she’s around 5 months old and believe it or not was just about to be put to sleep !!!! She’s fully vaccinated, has her own passport and has been spayed. Her bags are packed and she’s looking forward to finding a family of her own. Is there a space on your sofa for this beautiful little girl?

  1. yvonne cannon says:

    Peter and Jean, I am so happy to see Alba has a home. I kept looking at her but as I have said in the past I dont want my Bosun’s nose to be put out of joint. This is the only reason Alba is not lounging on my sofa,but so glad for her.

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