Meet Dizzy This GSD girl is 18 moths old , fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. She’s full of character, totally devoted and extremely bright. Dizzy walks nicely on the lead and has basic commands but would benefit from further training as she loves having a job to do. An active household would be best for her. […]

 Meet Uncle Albert This elderly chap was found abandoned on the Street. He’s approximately 11 years old and was in an awful state. After a visit to the vet we found out he had Leishmaniasis. He’s had the correct treatment and now needs medication daily to keep his kidneys functioning. He’s a lovely little dog and […]

 Meet Edna Edna was found abandoned on the streets in Spain.  She was in a bit of a state when we got her but now is a healthy, happy dog. Edna is approximately 7 years old, she’s good with other dogs, cats and just about everyone she meets. She’s spayed, micro chipped and up to date […]

 Meet Womble Womble is a 3yr old female terrier cross. Poor Womble was literally dumped on Peter & Jeans doorstep.   Womble is very affectionate that loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa.   Womble is good with other dogs as long as she is in a calm state of mind, she gets quite […]

 Meet Lulu Lulu was found on a stormy night, alone and wandering along a busy road, she was freezing cold and soaked through to the skin. The cars kept flying past, then Peter spotted her and stopped and she lay down showing her tummy hoping for a stroke. Lulu is approx. 1 year old. Lulu is […]

 Meet Poppy   Poppy was found as a tiny puppy in a municipal park being pelted by stones by some cruel children, she was terrified. When Poppy was rescued by Peter & Jean she was in a right state, full of fleas and worms. After treatment and a lot of TLC, Poppy began to look and […]

 Meet Davie Davie is a handsome medium sized Husky Type Cross. He was found running in a pack and was the only one who stopped to chow down on a can of sardines then jumped straight in the car. Davie is approx. 2½ years old. Davie is super friendly and extremely intelligent. He would benefit from an […]

 Meet Dusty Dusty is a female German Pointer, who was sadly handed in to the rescue by a local hunter in Spain, through no fault of her own. We think she is around 8 years old. Dusty is an amazing girl, extremely affectionate, very playful and full of character. We shall never know why the hunter […]

 Meet Mimi Mimi is a little female Staffie Cross who came to us from another rescue, who simply had no room for her. Mimi is approx. 2 years old. Mimi is the most devoted dog you will ever meet although a little shy at first once she gains your trust she will be on your lap giving […]

Meet Buster Buster is a stunning liver coloured German Shepherd, and a gorgeous hunk of loveliness. He was saved from being PTS in a Spanish Perrera. Buster is approx. 4½ years old. Buster is a very sensitive boy, a typical GSD. He is a one person dog, and is totally devoted, loyal, protective and focused […]