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The dog you need is a small animal rescue set up by husband and wife team Peter Singh and Jean Magill. Who for three years tended every part of the charity’s needs.
Up until very recently all admin, book keeping, fundraising and daily care of all the animals has been carried out by this couple alone.
As the charity has grown, a number of voluntary assistants have come onboard to help care for the animals assist with administration and to undertake independent fundraising.
Our charity is set up to rescue, rehabilitate and give a safe loving sanctuary to some of Europes abused animals.
The animals that come into our care, have been through hell and when they arrive with us, they are usually trembling wrecks, with very little trust in human companions.
We are proud to be able to say, we have helped hundreds of Europe’s abused, unwanted and forgotten animals.

Please take time to look through our galleries of happy updates and animals looking for their forever homes.

The part of the rehabilitation process that melts our hearts every time, is that moment the animal finally begins to trust us. The trust part is something we cannot push. Each animal is different and we must wait until they give us the signal that tells us that they realise we are no harm and they want to remain close to us.

In the time we have been involved in rescue, we have seen some of the most sadistic abuse shown towards animals, including what many will remember as the worst, which was Phoenix, a beautiful Mastin mixed dog, who was beaten with shovels and buried alive. Another dog found him a couple of days later and if it was not for an air pocket, he would have died within minutes. He came into our care and could not walk because of his injuries and could not go to the toilet by himself. We managed to give him four months of total love and care, before he lost his fight for life. We are honoured that in that final four months of his life, we were able to show him the love he should have received from the start of his abusive life.

Phoenix endured 12 years of continuous abuse from humans and when he came to us, he still found it within him, to trust humans again and forgive. This is why I always say to people that dogs are our teachers. They teach us how to show true forgiveness, they have no ego, they live in the moment and they follow calm. If we followed those four characteristics that each dog has, can you imagine what a peaceful world we would live in?

Our registered rescue and rehabilitation charity is based on the ethos of five words, which are, love, dedication, passion, togetherness and honesty. The love to show to these animals that have never known the meaning of the word. The dedication to work around the clock to save the life of any animal. The passion to do this valuable work for the remainder of our lives. The togetherness to make every new arrival part of our family and finally the honesty to always do what is right for the charity and the animals in our care.

This work is the most demanding we have ever carried out in our entire lives. The struggle to continually find the finances to keep everything going is a monumental challenge, but it is also the most enjoyable work we have ever been involved in. To finally see an animal who has been to hell and back, finally wag their tail when they see you and have a sparkle in their eye, is simply beyond words.

The most difficult factor of our work is saying goodbye to a dog you have taken from rock bottom, to full of confidence. The time this takes differs with each dog. It could be a month or sometimes it could be eighteen months. Then one day they are gone to pastures new. To their new forever loving homes. We will sometimes walk where we use to walk them and look at a patch of grass they use to roll around on. But they are no longer with us. A tinge of sadness is then replaced by happiness, as I know they are now safe and happy. Then there is a knock on the door and in front of us is another lost soul that we must put back together again. They do not know it straight away, but they have just arrived at the earth’s version of Rainbow Bridge, where they will run and play and never know sadness again.

Passports and travel to the United Kingdom can also be arranged through our charity. Not forgetting the cats and kittens we like to find them forever loving homes too, so please check out the ‘homes needed page‘.

You can now sponsor a dog.  Click here for the sponsor form!



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